What Is GitHub?

GitHub may be a website where you’ll upload a replica of your Git repository.It allows you to collaborate far more easily with people on a project.

It does that by pro‐ viding a centralized location to share the repository, a web-based interface to view it, and features like forking, pull requests, issues, and wikis,which permit you to specify, discuss, and review changes together with your team more effectively.

Why we Use GitHub

GitHub is far quite just an area to store your Git repositories. It provides a
number of additional benefits, including the ability to do the following:

  1. Document requirements

Using Issues, you’ll either document bugs or specify new features that you’d wish to
have your team develop.

2. Collaborate on independent streams of history

Using branches and pull requests, you can collaborate on different branches or fea‐

3. Review work in progress

By looking at a list of pull requests, you can see all of the different features that are
currently being worked on, and by clicking any given pull request, you’ll see the
latest changes also as all of the discussions about the changes.

4. See team progress

Skimming the heart beat or rummaging through the commit history allows you to ascertain what the team has been working on.

Why Use Git

Even if you’re performing on your own, if you’re editing text files, there are variety of
benefits to using Git. Those benefits include the following:

The ability to undo changes

If you make a mistake, you can go back to a previous point in time to recover an ear‐
lier version of your work.

A complete history of all the changes

If you ever want to see what your project looked like a day, week, month, or year ago.
you can check out a previous version of the project to see exactly what the state of the
files was back then .

Documentation of why changes were made

Often it’s hard to remember why a change was made. With commit messages in Git,
it’s easy to document for future reference why you’re making a change.

The confidence to change anything

Because it’s easy to recover a previous version of your project, you can have the confi‐
dence to make any changes you want. If they don’t work out, you can always get back
to an earlier version of your work

Multiple streams of history

You can create different branches of history to experiment with different changes to
your content or to create out different features independently.

You can then merge those back to the most project history (the master branch) once they’re done, or delete them if they find yourself not understanding .Working on a team, you get a good wider range of advantages when using Git to stay track of your changes. Some of the key benefits of Git when working with a team are:

The ability to resolve conflicts

With Git, multiple people can work on an equivalent file at an equivalent time. Usually Git will be able to merge the changes automatically.If it can’t, it’ll show you what the conflicts are and will make it easy for you to resolve them.

Independent streams of history

Different people on the project can work on different branches, allowing you to figure
on separate features independently then merge the features when they’re done.

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