Well you may have been already heard about Node.js that’s because right now it is the trendiest and hottest tool in web development and getting used by industry’s top players but of course, it’s not enough for you to learn Node.js. Maybe some questions are raising in your head right now like “What is exactly Node.js?” and “Why you should I learn it?” Read this post till the end to figure this out.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side platform developed by Ryan Dahl built on top of the Google Chrome V8 engine and its ECMAScript, which means most of the Node.js syntax is similar to front-end JavaScript including objects, functions, and methods.

Besides this some of the notable features of Node.js includes:

Node.js is Single Threaded

Big technologies like ASP.NET, JSP, Spring MVC, HTML, jQuery, Ajax, etc. All of these Web technologies follows Multi-Threaded Request-Response architecture to handle multiple concurrent clients. On the other hand, Node.js applications use a Single Threaded Event Loop Model to handle multiple concurrent clients, it means a Node.js program can respond to a much larger number of requests than traditional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

Open source and Cross Platform

Node.js is open source, making it highly preferable by a lot of developers. A huge community is supporting the development including some tech giants, making it better and more useful every day. When it comes to the development environment Node.js is Cross-platform means you can develop your Node.js app on machines like Windows, Mac, and Linux and run you app on any of these machines without need to change a single line of code.

Extremely fast

Node.js runs JavaScript by using the V8 engine developed by Google for their Chrome web browser. Adaptation of V8 Engine allows Node.js to provide a runtime environment that compiles and executes JavaScript really fast. The significant speed increases cause of the fact that V8 Engine compiles JavaScript code into local machine code, rather than executing it as bytecode or interpreting it. Node.js and the V8 engine are both open source and cross-platform, runs on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.


NPM (Node Package Manager) is a Node.js package manager. You can use it to install node programs in your project. NPM is developing at an amazing speed and has already surpassed the Ruby on rails gems count. New packages keep developing every other day. It includes the repository of more than 475,000 packages, the largest code registry in the world.

Almost anything you can imagine doing with javascript and node, someone has already done it in this packaging modules. Basically, these packages are the reusable block of codes that are written by someone else. All you have to do is find the correct package and include it in your project and you are done with your job.

JavaScript is everywhere

Before the introduction of Node.js, All the javascript that we wrote had to run in the browser it was the only place to execute javascript code that meant all the javascript that we wrote was only front-end code we couldn’t do anything server-side but things have changed when Node.js came along.

Node is all about a way for us to write javascript on server-side so that means we can write javascript everywhere

This is useful because having the client side and server side code written in the same language creates comfort for writing interactive web apps. It makes possible for developers to create an entire application without the need to select a separate language like PHP or Python for server-side.

Big companies are already moved to Node.js

Node is getting popular as a server-side platform and is used by Microsoft, Github, Yahoo!, IBM, Netflix, Mozilla, Cisco, Walmart, eBay, New York Times, NASA, PayPal, Medium, LinkedIn, Uber, Godaddy, The Wall Street Journal, Pinterest, Hp and many more.

It’s time to learn Node.js

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