A Small History Of C++ Language

Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs developed C++ during the early 1980’s. C++ was designed to support the features of C such as efficiency and low-level support for system level coding.

Where C++ widely used

As we previously say that it’s widely used for system software some most useful example are

  1. Drivers software

  2. Game software

  3. Video editing software

  4. Mozila

  5. Google

  6. MySQL

These software are most popular and this software design and creation in C++.

Why Need C++

When we create a big project in c then arise a lot of complexity in C. C++ is a response for that need once a project reaches a certain size, its complexity exceeds what a programmer can manage. In C++ we can fix this problem in easy way.

Important Features Of C++

  1. Classes

  2. Inheritance

  3. Data abstraction and encapsulation

  4. Polymorphism

  5. Dynamic Binding

  6. Message Passing

We will cover this topic deeply in Class and Objects topic, first of all, We will cover basic topic of C++.