A Small history of C Programming

C is a programming language and it is most popular for developing system software. Well, most of the operating system has been written in C language like UNIX, Window XP. C is NOT an OOPS(Object oriented programming) language. It is a middle-level language. C language developed at AT & T Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972, designed and written by Dennis Ritchie.

Some Important features of C Programming Language

  • − It is a structured oriented programming language that supports top-down programming technique.
  • − It produces efficient programs.
  • − C is simple and easy to learn and use.
  • − C also provides the feature of pointers. We can use pointers in create memory, structures, functions, array etc.
  • − C also provides the structure for the data structure that helps in Dynamic memory allocation.

Historical Development of C

Year Language Developed By Remarks
1960 ALGOL International Committee Too General Too Abstract
1963 CPL Cambridge University Hard To learn Difficult To implement
1967 BCPL Martin Richards At Cambridge University Could Deal With Only Specific Problems
1970 B Ken Thomas At AT & T Could Deal With Only Specific Problems
1972 C Dennis Ritchie At AT & T Lost General Of BCPL And B restored

Language Full Forms

  • − ALGOL   Algorithimic Language
  • − CPL   Combined Programming Language
  • − BCPL   Basic Combined Programming Language