C program to print a Name without using a semicolon

The value returned by a function can be used directly as a value parameter. It does not have to be assigned to a variable first.

Swap String Value Using Function

#include<stdio.h> void swap(char *str0, char *str1) { char *temp = str0; str0 = str1; str1 = temp; } int main() { char *str0 = "code"; char *str1 = "verb"; swap(str0, str1); printf("str0 is %s, str1 is %s", str0, str1); getchar(); return 0; }


Your name

Explanation of Program :

In C programming if(something) written like this. It means if statement contains some value then it will evaluate it first, and will print the message first.
if( printf(“Your message”) ) here, if statement only checks the true condition.