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We’re always looking for great content to help our community and all of the developers out there to get better at what they do every day.

Ideas & Inspirations

Here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Tutorials on how to do something interesting, hard or complex with your favorite language or framework.
  • Actionable advice for other developers on non-code-related aspects of the job (dealing with imposter syndrome, negotiation, remote work, how to be a good manager, etc.)
  • Deep dives inside the internal workings of things that we take for granted every day like Teach or Express, how CSS renders, or some interesting Javascript libraries.


Instructions before you submit:

Read: Codeverb Writing Style Guide before reading the following tips below

  • Although it’s not compulsory but it would be great if your Codeverb account has your name, a bio, and a picture of you.
  • Your article should have a title.
  • Please remove all personal calls to action in your post such as “sign up for my newsletter” or “follow me on Twitter.”
  • If you include code snippets, you can use gists, paste the URL of the gist into your post, and press enter. It will render the code as part of your post and include syntax highlighting if your gist is named with the correct file extension (.css, .js, .swift, etc.).
  • Please add an appealing featured image that you have the right to use or are Creative Commons. We recommend you to use Unsplash. Please give the original author the credit they deserve. See the image up of this post for an example.
  • At the bottom of your article, please include a Resources section with any links that you mentioned in your post for quick reference by the reader. Github Repos, JSFiddles, Playgrounds, and Gists are highly recommended.
  • Make sure your article’s read time is longer than three minutes.


When your post is ready, click on create article button the post will be submitted to us for the review.

If you don’t hear back from us within three days, please assume that we kindly passed on your submission.

We look forward to your awesome articles!


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