The Redux ecosystem now includes dozens (if not hundreds) of useful libraries that complement or extend its features.

Here’s a short list of libraries that have gained widespread popularity and
are strongly recommended for use in large Redux projects—we recommend that you check out the source code of these libraries to get a deeper understanding of the extensibility of Redux.


If you count the Redux store as a client-side database of your application, you can definitely count selectors as queries to that database.


this library can reduce the amount of boilerplate code you need to write when working with action creators and reducers. We find it particularly useful for writing reducers in a more ES2016 fashion, instead of using large switch statements.


If you ever need to implement undo/redo/reset functionality in some parts of your application, we recommend using this awesome library.

It provides a higher-order reducer that can relatively easily extend your existing reducers to support action history.


redux-logger is a highly configurable middleware for logging Redux actions, including the state before and after the action, in the browser console.It should only be used in development. Our advice is to use the collapsed: true option to make the console output more readable and manageable.


This reasonably simple store enhancer enables persisting and rehydrating parts of the store in the browser’s localStorage.It does not support other storage implementations, such as sessionStorage.

Beware that localStorage isn’t supported in private mode in some browsers and always check its performance in large applications.

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