Graphics Interview Questions With Answer

1. what is visualization?

technique for creating images , diagrams or animations to communicate a message.

2. What is features of computer Graphics?

  • User Interaction
  • virtual reality
  • visualization
  • image processing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Computational Photography

3. DSP Stands For?

Digital Signal processing .

4. OCR Stands For?

Optical character recognition

5. what is Interactive Graphics ?

A high quality graphics display of personal computer offers one of the most natural means of communication with a computer.

6. DVST Stands For?

direct-view storage tube

7. CRT Stands For?

cathode ray tube

8. CGM Stands For?

computer graphics metafile

9. what is passive graphics device?

passive graphics device simply draws pictures under computer control that is allows the computer to communicate graphically with the user.

10. What is active graphics device?

active graphics device allow the user to communicate with the computer graphically.

11. DDA Stands For?

Digital differential analyzer

12. what is DDA algorithm?

DDA algorithm is a faster method for calculating pixel positions.

13. ET stands for?

edge table

14. what is the basic transformation?

animations are produced by moving the camera or the objects in a Scene along animations path.

15. what is composite translation?

Successive translation vector applied to P.

16. what is the uses of clipping operations?

clipping operations are used to remove unwanted portions of a pictures we either remove the outside or the inside of a clipping window which can be rectangular polygonal or curved.

17. what is Point clipping?

it is desirable to restrict the effect of graphics primitives to a subregion of the canvas in order to protect other portions of the canvas.

18. what is liang-barsky ?

liang-barsky is a Cryus and beck developed an algorithm .

19. POV stands for ?

point of view

20. NURBS Stands for?

non uniform rational B-spline curve.

21. what is oblique projection?

direction of projection is not perpendicular to the projection plane.

22. HSR stands for?

hidden surface removal

23. OC stands for?

Occlusion culling

24. VSD stands for ?

visible surface determination

25. what is 3D clipping?

remove all objects and parts of objects which are outside of the view volume.