How to Find Size of Object In C++

The size of a class object is same as the size of a structure object in C. i.e., the sum of sizes of all its data members. However, if an object has no data members its size would be one byte rather than zero bytes because the minimum amount of memory that can be allocated for a variable is one byte.

Size of Object in C++

#include<iostream> using namespace std; class SizeOfObject{ int t,p,s; public: void input(){ cout<<"Enter two Numbers"<<endl; cin>>t>>p; } void print(){ s=t+p; cout<<"The sum of two number is"<<s<<endl; } }; int main(){ SizeOfObject ob1; ob1.input(); ob1.print(); cout<<"The Size of ob1 Object is "<<sizeof(ob1)<<" bytes"; return 0; }


Enter two Numbers 8 8
The sum of two number is16
The Size of ob1 Object is 12 bytes