A common point of confusion is the difference between the next() and dispatch() functions passed to the middleware. While both accept an action, they follow a different flow in Redux.Calling next() within a middleware will pass the action along the middleware chain (from the current middleware) down to the reducer.

Calling dispatch() will start the action flow from the beginning (the first middleware in the chain), so it will eventually reach the current one as well.

Example program






Calling next(action) within middlewareB will cause the action to be passed to middlewareC and then the reducer.

Calling dispatch(action) within middlewareB will cause the action to be passed to middlewareA, then middlewareB, then middlewareC, and eventually to the reducer, returning the execution back to middlewareB.Calling dispatch() multiple times may be a common and valid practice.

next() can also be called more than once, but this is not recommended as any action passed to next() will skip the middleware before the present one.(for example, potentially skipping the logging middleware).

Understanding next() function

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