If Statement In C++

C++ conditional statement allows us to create decisions in C.We know very well that no work is happening without any condition then how can I use this conditional term in programming languages.

There Are Many Way To Use Conditional Statement In C++

  1. If statement

  2. If else statement

  3. Nested If statement

  4. If else-if lader statement

If Statement In C++

if We want to perform conditional work with the only true statement then, if statement is best for us.

Syntax of if statement




Simple example of if statement in c++

Check A Number Is Positive

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){

int x;

cout<<“Enter a Number:”;

cin>>x; //this statemetnt use input number from console


cout<<“Number is Positive:”<


return 0;


Enter a Number : 3
Number is Positive: 3